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Ultima Version de Axialis IconWorkshop

Ultima Version de Axialis IconWorkshop

Axialis IconWorkshop Professional Edition v6.61 Final

Create hi-quality icons for Windows®, Mac OS®, Unix®

With IconWorkshop™ make your own icons for Windows®, Macintosh® and Unix®. It creates Windows® icons up to 256x256 for Windows Vista™ and Macintosh® icons up to 512x512 for Leopard (Mac OS® 10.5). Unix® uses PNG icons. IconWorkshop creates PNG images with alpha channel in a few clicks including from existing Windows® and Mac OS® icons.
Nueva Version!!- New Version!!

Create icons for Windows 7™

Microsoft Windows 7™ supports 256x256 PNG compressed icons. Start creating icons for Windows 7™ today with IconWorkshop™.

One tool for all your needs Axialis IconWorkshop™ is a professional tool for Windows® designed to create, edit, extract, convert and manage your icons in a fully integrated workspace.
Compatible with industry standards Use plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Illustrator® to transfer images directly into IconWorkshop™ and make your icon in a few clicks.
Use professional technics to make your icons Using Photoshop® Templates, create your icons like a professional icon designer. You can even create your own templates.
Create icons for Windows® and Macintosh®Axialis IconWorkshop™ is the only editor which permits to create icons for Windows® and Macintosh® (up to 512x512 for Leopard). It features instant conversions and supports MacBinary file format for easy transfers.

Release Name: Axialis.IconWorkshop.v6.61.Professional.Edition.retail-FOSI
Size: 33.80 MB

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